Wednesday 6 November 2013

Hamal Snippets 99: Even the Gods struggle with thoughts of carnal pleasures

The power of carnal desires and carnal pleasures amongst mammals are well known (just look at the proliferation of male and female pornography in the world, and the well known experiment of the lab rat that chose sexual pleasure over food [LINK]), but it seems that carnal pleasures are so strong that they can even drive some Gods to their wits end.  I suppose this could provide some comfort to anyone struggling with the proverbial ‘pleasures of the flesh’ to know that even Gods can suffer from the same problems.  (BTW, if think I’m a little loony for thinking that Gods are real then consider them as a sort of cross between Abstract Jungian archetypes and Emotional experiences, as that’s the way that I tend to think of them.)

Aptr ek hvarf
ok unna þóttumk
vísum vilja frá
hitt ek hugða
at ek hafa mynda
geð hennar alt ok gaman          

Back I turned
and seemed [3] out of my head
[2] with love;
I thought
that I would have
it all, her heart and pleasure.


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