Sunday 29 December 2013

Havamal Snippers 114: Do not consort with silver-tongued women, they will cause you to turn your back on the world

This continues from stanza 113, which is warning about the perils of sleeping with women skilled in magic, ie psychological tricks..

This verse highlights the dangers of consorting with manipulative women: they will isolate you from the community, from your friends, even from that which formerly gave you pleasure.  (BTW, the 'Thing' is the equivalent of a council or parliament, where men go to speak and decide how the community as a whole is going to act on certain matters.)
Hon svá gørir
at þú gáir eigi
þings né þjóðans máls
mat þú villat
né mannskis gaman
ferr þú sorgafullr at sofa
-- she will make sure
that you do not heed
the speech of either Thing or king;
you will not desire food
or mankind's pleasure;
you will go sorrowfully to sleep.


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