Sunday 15 December 2013

Havamal Snippets 110: Who shall trust in Odins truth?

This is the final verse in a mini-series that started with verse 104, and writes of the adventures that Odin got into while trying to capture the Mead of Poetry (i.e. inspiration).  It highlights that if someone engages in trickery, even a spirit being or God, then can you really trust them?  I noted in the previous verse that I'm not keen on trickery and this verse also makes the point.  That's why one should be cautious about paying homage to any God or spirit being because they may be tricking you.  Trust in yourself first and foremost and then perhaps other people, ideas and Gods.

Baugeið Óðinn
hygg ek at unnit hafi
hvat skal hans tryggðum trúa?
Suttung svikinn
hann lét sumbli frá
ok grœtta Gunnlöðu           

Othinn, [2] I think, has sworn
[1] an oath on the sacred ring --
who shall trust in his troth?
[5] he had [4] Suttungr cheated
of his mead,
and made Gunnloth grieve.


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