Sunday 22 September 2013

Havamal Snippets 91: Men who are infatuated with women often lie to them

Men who are either infatuated with women (like PUAs/Don Juan) or in awe of them (White Knights) will often lie to a woman in order to please them.  The reasons may dfifer - the PUA lies to get the woman to sleep with him, while the White Knight lies because he doesn't want to 'upset' the woman, but the two different types of men still prefer lies to truth, even if the woman would benefit from hearing the cold truth (eg "Yes you are overweight", "Yes your bum does look big in that.", "No I don't think you need another pair of shoes.").  In a perfect world men would tell women the truth more often than they don't, but unfortunately women quite often like hearing lies, so until women change their minds and begin to accept truths then the lies will continue.

Bert ek nú mæli
því at ek bæði veit
brigðr er karla hugr konum
þá vér fegrst mælum
er vér flást hyggjum
þat tælir horska hugi

Now I will speak openly,
because I know both:
men's hearts are fickle with women;
when we speak most fair
then we think most false.
It deceives the heart of the wise.

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