Thursday 30 May 2013

Havamal Snippets 58: The early bird catches the worm

It's Wednesday (Woden/Odin's Day) which means that it's time for another verse from the Havamal 'Sayings of the High One - Odin'. The poem full of wisdom, both everyday and ethereal. (The poem can be found in full HERE):
58. He should early rise,
who another’s property or life
desires to have.
Seldom a sluggish wolf
gets prey,
or a sleeping man victory.

Zeal, ernestness, hunger, desire. 'Will' is required for anything to succeed. The opposite of Will is Apathy. If you are Willful then you stand a good chance of success, if you are Apathetic then you stand a good chance of failure. This applies to acadmic results, physique, scoring with women. As the saying goes "turning up is half the battle."


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