Monday 26 August 2013

Alternative Lyrics to Well Known Songs: 1 - Odin, Ve and Vili

[Pre-amble: This is one in a series of posts which includes an alternative set of lyrics to a well known song.  Each post will also contain a short introduction to the topic at hand, and a brief explanation of the song itself.  A video of the original song will be included so that the reader can listen to the original song while reciting the alternative lyrics at the same time.]

This time around we've got a song which deals with the really banal (yet also philosophical) topic of 'Choosing'.  More options are added to the world as more men 'find out who they are' (to use some old hippy parlance) and share their passion/joy with other men.

The Song: Odin, Ve and Vili (based on 'One Hand in my Pocket' by Alanis Morrisette)
The act of 'choosing' is the heart of this song.  Making a 'choice' (any choice, whether it's "What philosophical system shall I live by?" or "What vegetables shall I have for dinner?") requires three separate acts, which are summed up in the three Gods of the Nordic Trinity, three brothers, who were responsible for the creation of the cosmos:
1. Odin (The God of Being/Doing - the opposite of apathy)
2. Ve (The God of Sense perception - the opposite of oblviousness)
3. Vili (The God of Will/thought - the opposite of mindeslessness)

I'll now elucdiate each of these stages to make it easier to understand; and we'll use a simple example of deciding what to have for dinner as the basis for the example:

1. Firstly, in order to make any kind of Choice, first there must be Options for you to choose from.  Creating these 'Options' requires energetic creativity to either 'play around' (like kids), or 'experiment' (like scientists), or try 'something new' (like regular folk).  By being creative, by being active, you create new things or acquire new things both of which provide you with more options than you formerly had.  For instance if you went to your local K-Mart and bought a readymade casserole and a readymade pie then that would provide you with two more 'Options' of what to eat for dinner.

2. Secondly, once you have acquired these new 'Options' you need to perceive them and become aware of them and all their attributes.  It's better to be fully aware of the attributes that each 'Options' has.  That way you can make a better, more accurate 'Choice' that benefits you.  For instance you may study the packaging of your two readymeals, the pie and the casserole, and determin that the casserole has more protein in it, but the pie has more carbohydrates in it.

3. Thirdly, you need to think about which one of the 'Options' you are going to 'Choose'.  Considering the pros and cons, the advantages and pitfalls of each choice and which 'Option' will serve you best, will give you what you want.  For instance having seen that the casserole has more protein in it than the pie, and knowing that you will be body-building at the gym this evening, you see that the protein will be more advantageous to you than the carbohydrates, and so willfully 'Choose' the 'Option' of casserole for your evening meal.

After the third and final stage, the process starts where it began: with Doing, with Odin, with actively eating your casserole.  That's the cycle of the Norse Trinity, ending where it begun and beginning where it ended.  And it goes on for as long as you want it.
A 'Triquetra'

While I don't know what the Triquetra symbolises (internet searches haven't yielded anything definite other than 'a symbol of Odin'), when I see it I think of Odin, Ve and Vili.  Posters and t-shirts of it are probably available from local Goth shops, as are items of jewelry if that floats your boat.  Either way if you have an image of it floating around in your life somewhere then it will jog your memory every once in a blue moon, like any little trinket, and cause you to remember Odin, Ve and Vili (Doing, Sensing, Thinking).

A final sentence on the structure of the song.  Each of the verses in the song deals with one of the Gods and includes a collection of that particular Gods attributes.

Play the song in the video above and then song along with the alternative lyrics below.

# Odin, Ve and Vili #
I'm Odin and being.
I'm motion and doing.
I'm hot and I'm hairy yeah.
I'm mad and I'm frenzied.
I'm strong and I'm forthright.
I'm love and I'm hatred baby.

And what it all comes down to,
Is that everything is gonna be fine, fine, fine.
Because while Odin is creating,
Ve and Vili are standing on the side line.

I'm Ve and I'm sensing.
I'm seeing and I'm hearing.
I'm discriminating yeah.
I'm tasting and touching.
I'm observant and perceptive.
I'm smelling and ESP baby.

And what it all comes down to,
Is that everythings gonna be quite alright.
Because while Ve observes the Options,
Odin and Vili are standing on the side line.

And what it all comes down to-oo-oo,
Is that I haven't got it all figured it all out just yet.
Because while Vili is Choosing one Option,
Odin and Ve are standing on the side line.

I'm Vili and Will-ful.
I'm mind and I'm judging.
I'm considered and dispassionate.
I'm logic and I'm reason.
I'm thought and I'm thinking.
I'm memory and recall baby.

And what it all boils down to,
Is that no-ones really got it figured out just yet.
Because Odin, Ve and Vili,
Are enjoying their newly chosen life.

And what it all comes down to my friends, yeah,
Is that everything is just fine, fine, fine.
Because Odin, Ve and Vili,
Will for ever be there to counsel me.

[End of lyrics.]

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