Monday 6 January 2014

Alternative Lyrics to Well Known Songs 15 - My Name is Magnus

[Pre-amble: This is one in a series of posts which includes an alternative set of lyrics to a well known song. Each post will also contain a short introduction to the topic at hand, and a brief explanation of the song itself. A video of the original song will be included so that the reader can listen to the original song while reciting the alternative lyrics at the same time.]


The Song: My Name is Mangus (based on 'My Name is Jonas' by Weezer)
This song is told from the perspective of two people who sail on the ship known as 'Will' (as in the word 'Will', as in "I Will do this!"): Magnus, who pilots the ship; and Wake-ful, who is in the wake of the ship after jumping overboard.
In the song, Magnus speaks first, addressing the listener on how to get aboard the ship 'Will' and how joyful the life is.  After which Wake-ful then speaks, telling us why he decided to abandon the Will and remain in it's wake.  After a while Wake-ful begins to regret his decision to jump ship and starts mourning his choice.  In his sorry state, alone, no future, no possibilities, and no motivation, Wake-ful cries out for help.  Just as Wake-ful cries out for help the Will, piloted by Magnus, arrives and fishes him out of the water.  Magnus didn't want to leave anyone behind in the ships wake leaving an awful life, so he plotted a circular course making sure that the ship would turn up again at the exact spot that Wake-ful jumped overboard.  That's what the last line in the song indicates: that Magnus has returned to rescue Wake-ful.
The moral of the song is that there's always a chance of redemption so long as humility is present.  Without humility, genuinely admitting that we've fouled up, there is no chance that we can learn from our mistakes and get back on the proverbial 'straight and narrow'.  That's something we can all benefit from - knowing when to admit that we're in the wrong and then Righting ourselves.  Once we've done that, then we can get back on board the 'Will' and do our thing, whatever that may be.

Play the song in the music video above and sing along with the alternative lyrics given below.

# My Name is Magnus #
"My name is Magnus.
"I pilot the Will.
"Come and jump aboard it,
"and see how we live.
"Come sit next to me,
"I will speak with you,
"of the life of the joy and the passion.
"It will rouse you,
"and en-grippen you,
"And take you to places you could never dream of.
The Willful ship left right on time.
The ticket is bought by your mind
The pilot said "hey man we go all the way.
"The joy of it shall blow your mind."
"My name is Wake-ful.
"I live a sick morbid life.
"I live in the wake made,
"by the ship known as Will,
"Known as Will.
"It makes me so sad,
"and yet also mad,
"knowing that I am left,
"deep deep in it's wake.
"Never knowing what;
"Never feeling what;
"The love and the joy of being in Will.
"I left the ship free of my choice.
"I tired of living the life,
"of enthusiasm and earnestness,
"And was desperately in need of rest.
"But here I am far behind.
"But here I am far behind.
"But here I am far behind.
"But here I am far behind,
"But here I am far behind.
"But here I am far behind.
"But here I am far behind.
"But here I am far behind.
"My name is Magnus."
[End of lyrics.]

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