Monday 20 January 2014

Alternative Lyrics to Well Known Songs 16 - The Great White Race

[Pre-amble: This is one in a series of posts which includes an alternative set of lyrics to a well known song.  Each post will also contain a short introduction to the topic at hand, and a brief explanation of the song itself.  A video of the original song will be included so that the reader can listen to the original song while reciting the alternative lyrics at the same time.]

The Song: The Great White Race (based on 'The Ace of Spades' by Motorhead)
Firstly, this song is for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone or promote violence, except in instances of self-defence, and in accordance with the laws of your respective country.

Secondly, this song is intended as a motivational song for White men in White countries because their rights are being trampled on in their homeland.  All races/nations are justified in defending themselves from invasion, just like all home-owners are justified in defending their property from burglars, and all men are justified in defending themselves from attackers.  The God given right of self-determination means that every creature, man and beast, must be permitted to defend themselves (within reasonable bounds of course, and ignoring the debate about pre-emptive strikes etc), and the culture of political correctness in white countries currently denies that God-given right.  If men are allowed to defend themselves then it means they are allowed to respect themselves, and if they can respect themselves then they are more likely to respect other men.  This principle applies to individual men, and to groups of men, such as nation states, and I'd respect all groups who suffer from racial oppression to write motivational literature (songs, stories etc) as well.

If men are not allowed to defend themselves, then they are effectively made into prisoners, tormented by laws that they cannot alter, and to see what the results of that situation 'might' be then refer to the Stanford Prisoner Experiment, where all prisoners turned into super-compliant zombies.  And if you're short-sighted enough to think that there's nothing wrong with that, then just think what Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Charles Manson and others could have done with such a compliant population.

For men to be able to defend themselves, they must be able to summon, or conjure up (in a manner of speaking) those rousing, energetic emotions that are needed during times of physical exertion (like fighting).  Listening to music like the Ace of Spades or other powerful rock music, allows men to be able to experience those emotions personally.  Once men have experienced them immediately, then they can become aware of those emotions and begin to control them.  In order for a man to know a thing he must first be a thing; which means that he must experience powerful aggressive-like emotions if he is to be able to know them and then control them.  Emotions that can then be summoned and controlled up by merely Willing them.  A man who has such control over his emotions and can summon them merely by using his Will is a very dangerous character, as the Russian Spetsnaz special forces say: 

"Conquer yourself, and you'll become unconquerable"


Play the song in the video above and sing along with the alternative lyrics given below.

# The Great White Race #
If you like to gamble I'll tell you how you can,
You just stand up against the Great Aryan Man.
To stand against our race,
Will bring you nothing but disgrace.
The only one you need,
If you wanna bleed is,
The Great White Race.
The Great White Race.
Fighting with our Glocks and
Fighting with brass knuckles.
Fight is all we know.
We'll beat the shit out o' you.
Insult our Great nation,
We'll beat you black and blue.
If you wanna get hit,
Then just give some shit to
The Great White Race.
The Great White Race.
If you wanna lose,
Then give some abuse.
To a proud white skin-head fighter,
He will kick shit right out of ya.
He ain't no fucking punkster.
Pushing up the ante,
You'll come here with your homies.
Yet this time 'round,
Whites have formed in to gangs.
I see fear in your eye,
I grin and grab my knife.
The only one you need,
If you wanna bleed is,
The Great White Race.
The Great White Race.
[End of lyrics.]

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