Wednesday 29 January 2014

Havamal Snippets 121: Be honest with your friends

One of the things that is continually stressed throughout the Havamal is the importance of valuing friends.  This is particularly pertinent in the modern times because the modern era when the number of Facebook friends (or My Space or whatever the latest on line socialising medium is) is high, but the number of real life friends is low.  A real friend, someone whom you can confide in and feel relaxed around, is valuable.  To feel relaxed one must be able to speak freely, even if that means being honest rather than genial.

Ráðumk þér Loddfáfnir
en þú ráð nemir
njóta mundu ef þú nemr
þér munu góð ef þú getr
vin þínum
ver þú aldregi
fyrri at flaumslitum
sorg etr hjarta
ef þú segja ne náir
einhverjum allan hug         
I advise you, Loddfafnir,
to take advice;
you would benefit, it you took it,
good will come to you, if you accept it:
[6] never be
[7] the first to make a breach
[5] with your friend.
Sorrow eats the heart
if you cannot tell
someone your whole mind.


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